November e-Newsletter

Journey to the Centre of our Heart
God has a plan to use each of us to reach His world. My wife and I just recently returned from Gracious, Honduras with a team of forty from Grace Church in Jacksonville, Florida. The team was divided up into Medical, Children’s Ministry, and Construction. Jay and Cathy Patterson were the team leaders. Field Coordinators Allen and Trish Sowers hosted the first team into this difficult area.

teamAt the end of the week, after seeing over 2,000 patients, constructing a classroom, and ministering to many children, we heard the testimonies from the team. They shared how much the trip had changed their hearts. Many of the team wept as they told of God’s work in their lives and the joy of being used by the Lord. For many of the team members it was the first time out of the country. Even though all of us were exhausted physically you could feel the spiritual energy as each team member shared what God had done in their hearts.

Isn’t that what missions is all about? Even though we travel thousands of miles it always turns out to be a journey to the center of our hearts. God has a way of breaking our hearts and putting them back together again for His use and His glory. This is part of God’s plan to use each one of us to reach His world.

The team was a mixture of young and old. One young lady, Kristen Hart, described to me this was the best week of her life (see below for her testimony). Todd Everett who was the oldest and most energized on the team brought along his ten-year-old grandson, Cameron. Both of them witnessed the poverty and hardship of the people and both of them with tears in their eyes reached out and loved the people in a real and tangible way.

God is mobilizing His people in missions just like my friends in Jacksonville and it is a privilege to be a part of His plan. Going on a short-term missions trip will change your life. It will change your church fellowship. It will change the lives of the community in which you minister. Let’s radically obey God and give ourselves to Jesus and see Him change our lives and hearts.

Glen Dubois - Director

Kristen Hart’s personal testimony of her time in Honduras
“The week I spent in Honduras was the best week of my life, no doubt. God moved in my heart and changed my entire perspective towards the world. He showed me his power and love in more ways than I could imagine! Going with Missionary Ventures was great. The trip was well planned and the Sowers and Glen and Linda were such a joy to work with and get to know.”
Gutters for God
There’s a story behind how we came up with our team name “Gutters for God”. On our last day at the farm, during our morning devotions, we focused on…”There is nothing more precious than the refreshment the Word of God offers! It quenches our soul’s thirst and makes us fountains flowing with blessings to the good of others. When we, having received the cup of salvation, pass it on and invite others to drink, we are using the only means – the Gospel of Jesus Christ – to turn the deserts of this world into refreshing oases.”
We then realized the symbolic connection between our project and God’s Word. You see, there was always rain on the farm, there was just no way to capture it and store it for future distribution. That was the purpose of putting up gutters and tanks. They were a way of capturing, channeling, and storing the rain.

So, too, God’s Word and the Holy Spirit have always been ‘raining down on us’, but if we had no way to capture, channel and hold that spirit, it just runs off of us. But if we lift up our arms and open our hearts, we can become a gutter and storage tank for God’s love – able to use it for ourselves as well as share this precious gift with others.

From Carol Donnon from Bensalem, PA concerning work at the Farm in Peru.
Editor’s Note: The water project is part of the on-going development and work of Field Coordinator, Susan Holowecky at the Farm in Peru.
Team Leader Training Seminar Recap
Missionary Ventures USA hosted a Team Leader Seminar at the Community Church of the Brethren in Orlando, Florida on September 22nd and 23rd. The event began with registration on Friday at noon and ran through Saturday afternoon.

tltTwenty-six past or potential Team Leaders gathered together with six new Field Coordinators for this time of training. Many attendees were from the Central Florida area, but they were joined by folks from as far away as Pennsylvania, Colorado, and Nevada.

Subjects that were covered were: Information was presented by: tlt2Missionaries, Eric and Marilyn Loftsgard, were on hand to share their perspective of what makes a good team.

On Friday evening, Paul Bendele presented “The Rabbi from Tarsus”, a one-man drama highlighting the thoughts and experiences of the Apostle Paul. The Friday night service was open to the public.
New Staff Volunteers
God has been gracious to our USA office with quality people to come alongside and help with the ministry. Recently we have added two volunteers to our team, Jacqui Taylor and Brandon Docusen, both from the Orlando area. Brandon began working with MVUSA after returning from a short-term trip to Zambia. He started by organizing our warehouse, and has recently moved into the office to start learning the Team Trip process. Jacqui is helping with the accounting tasks and filling in wherever she is needed. Both of our new volunteers have a heart of service to God. We’re glad to call them part of our team.
Vacation Bible School Camp in the Marshall Islands
Even though the sights and sounds were reminiscent of the Middle East, the location was Majuro, Marshall Islands. The theme of their 2006 Vacation Bible School program was “The Jerusalem Market Place”. Everything was set as it would have been in the time when Jesus walked through that great city of God. A pottery shop, spice shop, weaving shop, bakery, and carpentry shop were all seen there. The plan was for a week filled with the story of Jesus, complete with activities that He would have done as a boy and seen as a man.

biblecampThe camp was complete put on and run by the Marshallese. Their ability to step up to this task was the result of Field Coordinators consistently and continually equipping and encouraging the people into ministry. This training continues to be a vital part of the Missionary Ventures program, not only in the Marshall Islands, but around the world. Wherever you find Missionary Ventures’ workers, you will find a dedication to working and training the people alongside indigenous leaders.

In October there will be another event in which four outer-island churches will send people to Majuro to be trained. For two weeks they will focus on children’s ministry, learning to teach, making and using puppets and drama.

The approach in the Marshall Islands is to train everyone to reach the children. Youth, men and women are all involved in this task. Reaching the unreached children, and uniting all denominations to help in this cause is the plan and program. Please remember the people of the Marshall Islands in your prayers.