Pastor and his wife who received a car at the conference.

Pastors Conference in Argentina

Approximately 180 leaders and wives attended throughout the conference and indeed much passion for all things concerning the Kingdom and The King was restored, increased and enlarged. We praise God for His great presence in us as a team and upon the people as we all were quickened, challenged and energized by the Holy Spirit.

It was wonderful to see many from last year's conference.........

Here is one story -
Last year, a pastor and his wife - Cesar and Susan - had a mobile bookstore, but their vision was much bigger and included an actual bookstore. With two weeks to go before our conference last year, they fasted and prayed as a family for three days (they have fifteen-year-old twin sons) and in spite of feeling inexperienced, inadequate and having no finance for this venture, God surprised them quickly. They found a shop and opened the store with merchandise and furniture. While at the conference, Colin prophesied to them 'cut the ropes of limitations that prevent you from showing God's glory...your best days are yet to come'
They took the Word eagerly. This year they were bursting with excitement and presented us with a 'report' which was fantastic. The business has increased and they keep giving out to others of their increase.
They told us they kept reading over and over the notes they had taken from the conference messages last year and went on to share them in many places. They have exhibited at two book fairs and two culture events in Cordoba and La Rioja and have opened another store with some Christian friends in a town 240 miles away!
Their vision extends to opening the first Christian library in Argentina for Pastors, believers and Bible School students so they can deepen their study of the Word. We thank God for changed lives as a result of attending both conferences.

Just one other story..........

On the final morning of the conference, Colin began the preaching and mentioned a pastor and wife who had come to the conference in spite of having their car stolen on the day they were due to leave. They decided nothing would stop them getting God's blessing and Word (they remembered last year's time together!) Colin commended them for a passion to meet God which outweighed the disappointment and stress of their circumstances. At this point Pastor Fred received a prophetic word from the Lord for this couple - that if they would believe, God would give them another car from someone in this conference. Judith received further insight that it may be someone who had more than one car and they could give one to the couple. Almost immediately, a man at the back of the room stood quietly to his feet and waited. Fred asked him if he had a car he wanted to give - 'yes' he replied. You can imagine the excitement, almost disbelief from some, that a miracle was taking place before their eyes! The man who gave the car had a car business and therefore had several from which to give!!

We were able to build upon relationships from last year and in 2005, the conference will expand both in capacity, geographically & cross denominational involvement. We have tentatively set the dates for 2 weeks in October covering Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza and Patagonia.

To God be the glory great things He has done!!

We appreciate all your love and prayers for this great and vast nation of Argentina.

Colin and Judith