August 2007 e-Newsletter

Letter from the Director
Dear friend of missions,

Since our last communication nearly three months ago, we have had short-term mission teams go to eleven countries on four continents. There have been medical, guttersconstruction, evangelism, teaching, ARM and CMA teams. We’ve enjoyed sending team members from ages in the 70’s to young children who are accompanying their parents.

One of the privileges of being the “director” is to read the Team Trip Evaluation reports that flow in after a mission trip is completed. Here is a sampling of comments that we receive:
“I fell in love with the children”, or, “My wife and I were so impressed with the spirit and sacrifice of the missionaries”, or, “Without trips like this, one could never know how open the outside world is to the Gospel”, or, “I’m not sure which is the greatest miracle, the numerous salvations and expressions of love that we witnessed on our trip, or what God has done in my heart since I’ve returned to my family, church, and career”.

As I am writing this update, Tammy and I are leaving for the mountains of Guatemala (Nebaj), with a team to the Hospital Life and Hope. This hospital is the first hospital MVI built. While this team is primarily a medical team, it is being sent to also teach in the nursing school being sponsored by the hospitalgutters as well as to help diagnose and administer medicine to the ill. We will also be in the local schools to share the love of God, and the message of salvation through Jesus Christ to approximately 1200 children.

Praise the Lord for these glorious opportunities.

May I encourage you to make plans to schedule a short-term mission trip in 2008? We will be thrilled to send any information you may need, or to speak to your pastor or anyone else for that matter. “The fields are indeed ripe unto harvest, but the laborers are few.”

The Holy Spirit has prepared a harvest of changed lives if we will only go.

So, let’s go!!!

Bill Snell - Director

We are in need of construction workers to help
finish the MVI Conference Training Center in San Lucas, Guatemala
Please contact the team trip department for more details.

October 13-20 Plumbing Team
November 5th-14th Drywall Team
December 8th-15th Carpentry Team
We had just stopped for a “bathroom break” on the Shishinawa River, no small matter, having to p
Testimony of a recent mission
trip to Peru
by Susan Holowecky – Field Coordinator, Peru
ull over and have the whole team “pile out” of the boat and find a private tree to use on the river bank (this time we were blessed to have a real bathroom in a village school--a real find). The insignificant stop had more meaning than our swollen bladders—it caused us to pass by the next village at a truly God-ordained time, for as we were motoring by, in a hurry to reach our destination and hold medical clinics before dark, we saw some people yelling excitedly from the bank. There was an obvious emergency so we pulled over.

guttersA woman was shouting in a panic, “Can you take my son to the health post? He just cut himself with a machete (the long multi-use saber all jungle men carry with them)!” As we looked closer, we were horrified to see the severity of the cut on his wrist—when he took his hand off it to show us, the blood spouted out like a geyser! He had cut right thru an artery and was about to walk the 1 1/2 hours to the nearest health post. We immediately took him on board and sped away. Our team of very capable medical professionals lead by Diane Barton, found it nearly impossible to apply enough pressure to stop the bleeding, the cut was so deep. When we arrived to the post, the Peruvian “tecnico” (nurse), Walter, examined the wound, called his authorities by ham radio, and they wisely agreed with our docs that he needed to go to the only hospital within hundreds of miles, located way back in Yurimaguas. So we sent them off with our MV “intern”, nurse Julie Burke, and one of our translators, so they could help Walter apply the needed pressure to keep the bleeding down. The rest of us hurried to set up camp and begin clinics, committing them all to prayer.

guttersWith God’s divine mercy answering our prayers that the young man, Fredy, not die during the 6 and 1/2 hour boat trip, they arrived safely in Yurimaguas, and got him to the hospital. They had to put 4 different tourniquets on his arm just to control the bleeding so they could locate the artery and operate. Your prayers helped us to be in the right place, at a critical time where a young man’s life could be saved with the help of our med team. If we hadn’t been there, he would have tried to walk, losing blood all the way, and if he had arrived to the post still standing, the only other boat to take him downriver would have been much slower and may not have arrived in time. Pictures of Fredy, during the incident, and after, are below. God has used our med teams time and again to save lives in dramatic ways.

The second incident happened with the Davis Island medical team, which also went up the Shishinawa to hold clinics in several different villages:

Dusk was setting in on the river as our boat moved along, this time much more slowly than in the morning when we had started out for the villages. The river had dropped almost 4 or 5 feet in one day, exposing dangerous branches, that earlier had been several feet under our boat, and not impeding our travel in the least. Normally, we avoid river travel after dark, but the team held long clinics all day trying to see every patient, and there was a stop to make by one of the boats, which took longer than expected. I was in the first boat, gettting nervous and praying hard because we were threading our way around several of the trees and branches, which were difficult to avoid in the dim light. We had several dangerous near misses and I thought “if it’s this bad for us, it’s going to get worse after dark for the other boat.” My concerns turned out to be very real, as we found out when the other boat finally came in to guttersthe village we were lodged in. Their boat had had the canopy ripped off 2 separate times! The team members, with God’s protection due to so many prayers, saw the branches in time and were able to throw themselves down in the bottom of the boat, the branches skimming their backs, but not causing a single injury! If the branches had hit them with the same force that ripped off the nailed down steel framed canopies, I can only shudder to think what could have happened—God is so good.

I relate these stories in detail, so that you can truly see the importance of your prayers for me, my teams, and my staff, when we travel the rivers. Our wonderful Lord God truly hears and faithfully responds.

Both teams had a wonderful impact on the communities, demonstrating the love of Christ with dedicated ministrygutters to the sick and needy. They brought countless medicines, portable lab equipment, stethoscopes, and so much more. During the second team, the gospel was preached in a powerful way by several team members, and many came to Christ that week.

THANK YOU: to both med teams and to all of you who come and sacrifice time, risk health and safety to minister here; to those who so faithfully give financially to the ministry; and to those who pray. The work cannot be done without you. The Lord asks that we dedicate our “talents” unto Him and His work, as they actually come from Him. We are so grateful to have friends like you who care, and share their talents with us on the mission field.

Open Teams
November 7-20 MVCanada PHILIPPINES
March 28 - April 4 MVUSA MACEDONIA

Construction in Macedonia

March 28 - April 5, 2008

guttersTeam of 10 needed to help complete the construction of a center that will house several facilities in one i.e. Pre-School, Feeding Center, Hall for Church Meetings & Concerts etc; In the community of Shutka which is on the outskirts of Skopje the capital of Macedonia. Skopje population is 70,000 & only 2,000 out of 2 million in Macedonia are born again believers.

Your Involvement : This is a huge project that will change the community of Shutka, something that God has put on our hearts, and we need help to accomplish this. Macedonia is a very poor country with extremely high unemployment; we therefore need resources from outside to help us accomplish our dream. 

UPCOMING EVENTS: Team Leader Training Seminar Oct 5-6, 2007. Please contact the Team Trip Department for more details.