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Velouse Lamartiniere

Thirteen-year-old, Velouse Lamartiniere, lives in Petit Goave, Haiti. She likes to cook for her family and jump rope with her friends. Through her sponsorship she is able to attend school where she has been blessed to learn about Jesus and has accepted Him as her Savior. She is a good student and when she graduates, wants to become a chef.

This past year has been especially hard on all Haitians as their government has broken down, yet again, with a bloody revolution taking its toll on a people already suffering desperate poverty. In March 2004, Velouse witnessed a group of rebels being heralded as heroes as they passed through Petit Goave. She watched as they encountered two men with guns and began questioning them. Suddenly hearing a gunshot from somewhere else, the rebels panicked and shot the two men, not knowing they had killed two of their own.

Children in Haiti grow up too fast, scared by violence and destruction that becomes a part of their everyday lives. Please pray for the peace of this nation and the healing that only the Holy Spirit can bring to children like Velouse.