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Who can help this Ugandan boy get off the streets? What hope does he have, sniffing glue for an amnesiac existence; living at the bottom of the abject food chain; chewing grass to take him higher- to that final fall of death without Christ? Fighting over stolen goods that end up like gravel in the mouth with a gash across the back from a fellow’s knife, as each one scrambles for survival in the climb to the top of the trash pile they call street life. Jesus and a pastor named Willy, assisted by Missionary Ventures International is beginning to construct a facility called the Children’s Outreach Center that will enable a program of rehabilitation in Mbarara, Uganda where such a broken life can find a new start through good food, a real bed, the love of Christ and some vocational training. This is our vision. Will you join us as we save young lives and build a future hope inside them?

Nigel Harding
Field Coordinator in Uganda