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My name is Julia Marisel Lucero. I am ten-years-old and live in the province of Guiñazu, Cordoba, Argentina. I was one of the very first children who began to go to the feeding center. I have eleven brothers and sisters and seven of us eat at the feeding center. We had never heard about Jesus, but I am thankful that they not only give us food but also are teaching the Bible and helping us to know Jesus.

When I began to come, we ate in the open air with no roof but only tarps over our heads for the rain. It was very cold. At that time we had no fruit or vegetables, but thanks to people who are giving to Pinky’s Kitchen, we now have good food and a roof. I really like to come because it is so pretty and I am learning about Jesus and how to pray for my family who I want to know Jesus. With love and kisses, Julia

Paul Benedele
Field Coordinator in Aregentina