Judges 6:1 through 8:3 recounts the incredible story of the Israelites being impoverished as a result of their enemies, the Midianites and Amalekites.  One of the key points in impacting our world is seen in Judges 6:7, where Israel “cried out to God”.  I love what J.C.Ryle writes, “Humility is the God given, self assurance that eliminates the need to prove the worth of who you are and the rightness of what you do.”  Keeping these thoughts in mind and looking at what happened to Gideon, I want to encourage you to see that if we are going to impact our world we need a greater understanding “of the presence of God”.

1. We need a new sense of His Presence.

I am not talking about some super-charged or hyped up gathering.   Here we see Gideon trying to thresh wheat in a place for grapes so that the enemy would not see him. Yet the Angel of the Lord knows where he is; it’s no different for us. Remember there is no hiding and no excuses!

Judges 6:12 says, “the Lord is with you.”  Let me take this opportunity to remind you that the Lord is with you also.  Don’t be like Gideon and miss the point—he replied, “if the Lord is with us.” (Judges 6:13)

God cares about us individually, not just collectively and certainly not because of our background—who our parents are, what kind of education we had, nor what our upbringing was like.

The Angel/Prophet came to Gideon’s hiding place, sat down and spoke with him.

Don’t forget God never leaves us or forsakes us!  We need a new sense of His presence, remembering that throughout the scripture, the presence of the Lord is the place of His blessing and joy.


2. There is a new summons in His Presence.

In Judges 6:12, the angel of the Lord appears to Gideon and calls him “mighty man of valor.” Yet again Gideon misses the point and says “my clan is the weakest and I am the least in my father’s house” (Judges 6:15).

I am guessing many of us have at some point felt like Gideon. Yet deity addressed Gideon as a mighty man of valor, evidently evaluating him not as Gideon saw himself, but by what he would become and what God would make him.  We need not strive for recognition or position, but be confident in knowing what God has called us to be and do.

Someone once said (wished it had been me), “Heroes are not born, they are cornered”.

I am reminded of some of my own stories getting into Russia pre-‘perestroika’. I never saw myself as a hero, but oh how I knew the strength and deliverance of God on more than one occasion.

Time to remember, mighty men and women of valor:


       Your existence precedes your conception – “before I formed you, I knew you “

       Your purpose precedes your birth - “before you were born, I consecrated you”


With the presence of God we can impact our world, and know victory within that which we do or attempt for the Kingdom.  Let the glory and strength of God be seen in us even in difficult situations.   

Colin and Judith Carson