Field Coordinator Q & A


Field Coordinators are missionaries who serve as a bridge between their home country and the mission field.

They facilitate the development of responsible indigenous Christian leadership and assist Christian leaders by enabling them to start ministries and outreaches to their own people such as Feeding Centers, Christian schools, Bible Schools, and Leadership training.

They do this by :

  • PIONEERING projects and ministries
  • HOSTING short-term mission teams
  • ADMINISTRATING in-country projects, programs and support

How long does it take to become a FIELD COORDINATOR?

This depends upon the individual or couple. It can take from six months to a year and a half.

Would I be paid by MV?

No, MV is a faith based mission. Therefore, each Field Coordinator is responsible to raise their support.

Why does MV use the term FIELD COORDINATOR and not MISSIONARY?

A missionary traditionally has pioneered the work directly with the people they serve, where as, a MV Field Coordinator works through the National Church to assist the Local Christian Leaders in reaching their people with the love and message of Christ.

What sort of Candidate is best suited to MV and its work with the National Church?

General Characteristics – They would have lives that are:

  • Christ centered with Spiritual maturity and a joyful obedience and trust in the Lord
  • Servant-Hearted with a sense of calling, and a concern for the lost
  • Well grounded in the Bible
  • Good people skills
  • Exhibit themselves to be self starters
  • Freedom from material possessions (not materialistic)
  • Optimistic thinker
  • Submissive to Authority
  • A growing edge, open to learning

MV Ministry Suited

  • Agrees with short-term team as an effective strategy
  • Dedicated to work through national church (MV's focus)
  • Field Coordinator vs. Missionary Role (facilitating  vs. managing; being vs. doing)
  • Subject to background checks

Personally prepared to Serve:

  • Financially sound
  • Medically fit
  • History of ministry service

How do I begin the process of becoming a FIELD COORDINATOR?

Interested in beginning the process? Send an email to the office nearest you requesting an application and indicating the country in which you reside as well as the country you wish to serve, if you know it.

Click on the office nearest you to send email.

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