Poorest of the Poor Lose Homes

In case you haven't seen it on the news (it didn't get a lot of international coverage), Honduras was struck by a very large earthquake (7.3 on the Richter scale) on May 28th. Because this earthquake received almost no coverage in the news in the States, it doesn't appear that the normal relief organizations are planning on helping with this. This is extremely unfortunate, as some of the homes destroyed were in an extremely poor area of Lempira, which is considered by the government of Honduras to be the poorest part of Honduras. These are people who had almost nothing to begin with, and then lost what they had; people who make as little as a few hundred dollars in a year. The people affected in Lempira include many widows, orphans, elderly people, pregnant women and young children.

Our missionaries in Honduras, Allen and Trish Sowers, are working with local pastors to reach out to the people most severely affected by the quake. Currently they have identified 55 homes destroyed and another 250 or so damaged. We are praying that God would supply enough financial help, that we could supply the 55 families who lost their homes with cement and rebar when they rebuild (this would double or triple the strength and structural integrity of the new homes). It will cost about $500 per house to add this cement and rebar upgrade in the new construction.
To date Allen and Trish have distributed 17,280 adult meals (about 35,000 children's meals) to those hardest hit. Please pray that God would provide the resources to continue this help as well. These are special vitamin enriched meals for use with the malnourished poor. The Sowers were also able to distribute blankets to all of the children who lost their homes.

Please pray that the Lord would direct you on how you might be a part of the earthquake relief effort. Funds, earmarked for "Honduras earthquake relief" may be sent through Missionary Ventures.

Thank you for your prayers and support for the earthquake victims in Honduras.


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