Trip to INDIA

Thank you for praying when we were on mission in the great land of INDIA! Each prayer point that we listed in our prayer letter was answered. The Holy Spirit's presence was strong during the 3-day Pastors' Conference. There was a rallying for unity for the 700+ churches of New Life Fellowship AP to work together closely. The 10 district leaders overseeing all these churches came forward to link arms in a show of unity in purpose. As Viv Penfold prayed from the platform, the power of the Holy Spirit laid them all flat on the floor. It was like the Old Testament story when Solomon dedicated the new Temple and the priests couldn't stand because the glory of God filled the place.

Many of the leaders have tremendous hardships that we can only imagine. The burden of ministry can be almost unbearable, but we saw the Lord fill them with 'joy unspeakable and full of glory' during precious times of praise and worship and many hours of inspired teaching. It was awesome to be part of this event.

In planning meetings, we worked side-by-side with the leaders to continue MV sponsored Bible training colleges. We hope to begin 3 more centers in the next 3 years in Andhra Pradesh. With hundreds coming to salvation, the most urgent need is solid Biblical training of leaders.

We had other answers to prayer, too, of a personal nature. Luther and I hardly had any kind of insects bites that frequently bothered us in the past. In our travels, we almost missed a domestic flight but somehow rushed through without a minute to spare. The weather was almost unbearably hot for us, and my ankles were terribly swollen most of the time. But when we returned to England with near freezing conditions, we shivered away any lingering effects of the heat!

Luther and Sandy Meier
MVI Vice-President

Our Indian hosts presented us with our outfits for the graduation. Hepsi used the new sewing to stitich & design my sari.

Signing 41 diplomas and certificates / Viv, Luther, and Malachi Dara (director of New Life Colleges).

Pastors singing and dancing joyfully before the Lord.

Viv Penfold and Luther praying for the graduates during the graduation ceremonies.

Funds were raised to buy a new sewing machine for Hepsi, DB's daughter. The rest of the family looks on.

Viv Penfold dedicating the new Tata Sumo for New Life Fellowship. He raised the funds over a period of two years. A great answer to prayer.