Ambassadors and Area Representatives

AMBASSADORS are men and women dedicated to serving God in missions alongside the MVI team. The MVI Ambassadors are:

  • Christians selected by the president to work with him, the board of directors, home staff and missionaries abroad.
  • Called by God to plug into the mission at one point to help undergird the particular ministry with their attention, wisdom and assistance.
  • Committed in supporting the ministry of MVI with a committment of $100 or more per month. Their financial support enables a strong base.
  • Continually praying for the total mission and often join in the different monthly prayer meetings held in their area.
  • Calling others in their own church and community to participate in missions through MVI.

The degree of activity is directly related to the amount of people involved. "The harvest is plentiful, the laborers are few…" Creating new mission projects and ministries with the rest of the MVI team, such as Bible schools, clinics, hospitals and schools.

AREA REPRESENTATIVES promote the ministry of MVI in their home area. They are volunteers working part- or full-time with MVI. There are two area representative training seminars a year. Each area representative is assigned two projects to promote and accomplish in the field. They do this by promoting missionary involvement through MVI, encouraging mission trips from churches in their area and marshaling resources for the field from their area.