Board of Directors

The foundation of MVI is its Board of Directors. It is comprised of men and women dedicated to serving God in missions as leaders of the MVI team.

The Board of Directors…

  • Holds the mission financially accountable, theologically correct and accurate to its calling and vision.
  • Primary task is to establish and maintain policy, procedures and priority for the mission.
  • Helps set goals, target objectives and determine general operating methodologies and procedures.

The Board of Directors are…

  • Christians who are selected to serve MVI for a three year term.
  • Committed in supporting MVI financially. Their financial support enables a strong foundation.
  • Continually praying for the total mission and joining one of the different monthly prayer meetings held in their area.
  • Calling others in their own church and community to participate in missions through MVI.
  • Creating new mission projects and ministries with the rest of the MVI team such as Bible schools, clinics, hospitals and schools.