MVI began with the sending of a mission team to Guatemala in 1982. David Beam was an independent missionary working in Guatemala City. His ministry was to bring the love and message of Christ to the squatter camps that had sprung up after the earthquake in 1976.

Steven Beam, David's brother, was a pastor at that time in Tampa, Flordia. Steve and Tal Owen organized a mission team to go to Guatemala to help David and these desperate people. Soon other mission teams followed.

As the team members built relationships with the Guatemalans, they became excited about continuing their missionary efforts. They discovered how fulfilling missions was when they could personally know the people they were helping. They were able to see the direct results of their efforts.

This personal involvement in missions gave people a greater desire for continued participation. MVI, a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, was established to facilitate continued involvement in missions, administer financial aid and enable tax credit for gifts to the poor.

The vision of MVI is to help indigenous Christian leadership. Consequently, the board of directors decided that MVI would be a servant organization. It was agreed that by working with indigenous Christian leadership we would accomplish long-term missionary endeavors. It was further decided that MVI would:

  • Be financially accountable.
  • Keep administrative expenses to a minimum.
  • Strive to be an organization of credibility, trustworthiness and integrity.

Sponsorship programs were added to support the ongoing work of indigenous Christian workers. Through child sponsorship different ministries were established to help the poor (i.e. orphanages, schools, feeding centers, clinics and hospitals). The pastor sponsorship program assissts in the training, sending and initial ministries of indigenous Christian leaders.

Today, this vision has grown to include the development of Missionary Ventures Canada, Missionary Ventures Europe and Missionary Ventures Australia. Over thirty mission bases have been established throughout the world to host mission teams, pioneer new outreach ministries and administrative aid.

Everyone is encouraged to become a part of missions – from working full-time on the field to becoming a prayer partner. The strengths of Christians here and abroad combine to make a mighty force.