MISSION TEAMS: Evangelism teams, surgical teams, crusade teams, medical teams, dental teams, construction teams, youth ministry teams, pastor conferences

PASTOR SPONSORSHIPS: The sponsorship of an indigenous pastor liberates him so that he can preach the gospel, evangelize a community, start a fellowship and develop a church.

CHILD SPONSORSHIPS: The sponsoring of children enables MVI to fund the establishment of ministries to impoverished, starving, ill or orphaned children. The sponsorship funds are pooled with the rest of the children sponsored from the ministry to guarantee the overall budget for the ministry. Examples of the different ministries are orphanages, Christian schools and daycare centers.

FEEDING CENTERS: In many developing countries there are thousands of abandoned children who live on the street. Feeding programs are established in local churches.

Each month a Child of the Month postcard is sent to each of our sponsors. The postcard highlights a child each month and explains how the sponsorship is helping them. In an effort to reach out with the medical needs of impoverished communities, MVI helps to develop hospitals and clinics. Donated medical supplies enable us to give outpatient care at very low costs, most of the time for a few pennies per patient.

GENERAL FUNDS: Funding that helps us to "fill the holes" in the different ministries of MVI. These funds are designated "where needed most". Each month they are used in different aspects of the mission to fulfill obligations not met through sponsorship or designated giving.

MATERIAL HELPS: Trucks, vans, shoes, clothing, medical equipment & supplies, office equipment, medicine, mechanical tools, farming equipment.

For a more detailed list of any of these categories, please contact MVI.