Purpose, Objectives & Methodology

PURPOSE: The purpose of MVI is to encourage and support indigenous missions through personal involvement, financial sponsorship and ministry developement. MVI exists to serve and support the indigenous church.


  • Home – To bring about an awareness that leads to action among Christians as to the plight of the lost and hurting world. To create, develop, coordinate and administrate personal involvement in missions (mission teams, funding, prayer, encouragement, etc.). To provide an accountable means of managing and administrating designated support to the mission field.
  • Abroad – To facilitate the development of responsible indigenous Christian leadership through the establishment and expansion of Bible schools, leadership training conferences and correspondence courses. To assist these Christian leaders in the planting of churches in unreached areas. To enable these Christian leaders and churches to start ministries and outreach to their own people, i.e. feeding centers, orphanages, schools, clinics, etc.

METHODOLOGY: The methodology of MVI is to introduce and facilitate Christian participation in mission teams and their continued involvement in missions. This diagram illustrates this participation process: