May 2007 e-Newsletter

Letter from the Director
Dear friend of missions,

How are we ever going to spread the gosple around the globe ? The answer is simple; we multiply outselves by faciitating and enablling Christian leadership around the world to reach their own people with the love and message of Christ.
Last week my wife, Linda, and I were in Haiti. Haiti as a nation holds the distinct and deplorable position of being the poorest in the western hemisphere.  It is also home to some of the most outstanding servants of Christ in the world.
Let me introduce you to Lucien Augustin and his Pastor, Darian.  As a ministry, Missionary Ventures believes in equipping indigenous leaders to reach their own people with the love and message of Christ. Pastor Darian and his church caught the vision, and they are now sending Lucien out as their first missionary.  Linda and I had the privilege of ordaining him while we were there. To see the tremendous joy and excitement in this young church sending out their very own missionary humbled me.
Because of the political struggles in Haiti, many gangs have moved into the rural areas. Crime and violence have flourished where Lucien is ministering.  He is a shining light of God’s love to the people   of Haiti. The church, through your help, provides counseling, food, clothing, and medicine to the rural areas.  Their demonstration of guttersthe love of Christ, even in the midst of such difficulties, has humbled me.
It amazes me how Lucien perseveres for the Gospel’s sake in the midst of tremendous pressures. He has sacrificed, endured incredible hardships, and has earned the respect of his people. I’ve been humbled and challenged in my own walk with the Lord.  Thanks for your partnership. Your generosity to help missionaries, children, schools, hospitals, pastors and Lucien is an example of God’s provision. We pray you share in the joy of the harvest of souls and are blessed.

Your Missionary Friend,

Glen Dubois - Director

First CMA Motorcycle Rally in Peru
A team of 16 lead by Hiram and Sharon VIllasenor and hosted by Jim and Sue Brannon field coordinators in Puerto Maldonado Peru put on our first motorcycle rally in Peru. We planned and prayed for months for the rally to reach the motorcycle culture in Puerto Maldonado. When the team arrived the first day they mowed the tall grass, picked up trash and layed out the games and prayed over the area for the rally. Their had never been a rally help in Puerto Maldondo before and the guttersexcitement filled the air. What a joy to see the Peruvians use their motorcycles for fun. We had a terse ball, slow races, poll races and a blind fold race and two chinese fire drills for the three wheeled bikes that are used primarily as Taxis. Around 400 adults showed up and 150 children. After the games and prizes the team held a concert at night in conjuction with all the local churches. Thirty people surrendered thier lives to the Lord. Jim adn Sue were so thankful to see the Lord move in a very difficult area and to see the Churches come and work together to advance the Kingdom of God in their area. Puerto Maldonado is a jungle city that needs are prayers. Prayer is breaking down the strongholds and opening doors to reach a very dark area. THis team made a difference and now the churches want to host the next rally. Please continue to lift up Jim and Sue and the city of Puerto Maldondo that it will be reached for the glory of God.
Upcoming Teams
June 13-20 Youth Evangelism NICARAGUA
June 13-26 Evangelism/Teaching UGANDA, AFRICA
June 16-July 1 Childrens Camp Ministry NAMIBIA, AFRICA
June 16-23 Medical HONDURAS
June 23-30 Feeding Center Ministry GUATEMALA
July 1-7 Construction/Evangelism NICARAGUA
Feeding Center Update
From the moment you arrive in Hondurain the little village of Olanchito (two hours outside of La Ceiba) your senses are bombarded with the sights and smells. Food cooking, children singing and the pigs wallowing. The team was deeply moved as the ladies from the community prepared the lunch and the children praised the Lord for His provision. The children enjoy soup, pasta with sour cream and salsa and sweet riced and cooked bananas. Are you hungty yet? All of us had tears in our eyes as the children prayed for us. Pastor Castillo and Maria need our prayers in this impoverished area. There are very little jobs and most people grow their own food. Please pray for rain and that the Lord would provide a medical team, medicine, vitamins. Pray for strength for the Pastor and his wife as they continue to reach out to their own people with the love and message of Christ.