Mission trip to the outer island of Jaluit

    For Christmas  we flew to the outer island of Jaluit to minister in the Congregational church there with Superintendent Lawrence Edward and his wife Neijon and with our Marshallese son Paul. Upon our arrival we learned the pastor of the church was very ill and in need of medical attention.  The four of us undertook his pastoral duties for the busy Christmas season for which he was most grateful since he was totally bedridden.  Mariesa checked his wound and realized he needed to be air lifted to Majuro hospital for further treatment.  Lew was asked to bring the message Christmas Day which Supt. Edward interpreted.  We had a wonderful time of ministry as you can see by the photos, and were a blessing to the pastor and his family, as well. 
    We rode from Jabor all the way to Jaluit where we visited and gave candy to children along the way.  We also visited the Salvation Army church where a former student of ours is pastoring.  We were able to bring t-shirts, toys and candy to the children as well as some food, soap, etc. thanks to your help.
    Our Marshallese son, Paul, gave his testimony which touched many hearts.  One woman told him that she didn't sleep that night because she was thinking of his testimony and how it touched her heart.  Paul ministered to many youth while we were there and was a blessing to all.  The pastor of the church flew back to Majuro with us and was admitted to the hospital and is doing better.

Lew and Mariesa Davis
Field Coordinators in the Marshall Islands

Mariesa Davis attending to the pastor of a local church.