Changes in the Marshall Islands

   Missionary Ventures, Marshall Islands is going through some changes. Dr. Lew and Mariesa Davis are welcoming a new family to begin working with them in the Marshall Islands. Steve and Shawn Clark and their three sons, Stephen, Richard and Travis are arriving in Majuro on February 3, 2005 to begin their ministry. 

Steve will become the academic dean of Christian Training Center, and Shawn will be training the children's workers in the Full Gospel churches here, as well as any other churches who want help with their children's ministries. She will also be volunteer teaching in Laura Christian Academy. They are also working to bring a Christian AM radio station to Majuro which will reach to the outer islands bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who might otherwise not hear it.

We are very excited about this family coming to work here in the Marshall Islands.  They are precious and already have bonded with many of the people here on a trip last February.  Please keep them in your prayers as they transition from Florida to the Marshall Islands with their children.

Lew and Mariesa will stay in the Marshalls long enough to train Steve and Shawn, after which they will be returning to the U.S. to itinerate before moving on to their new assignment, starting a Bible College in Bolivia.

Lew and Mariesa Davis
Field Coordinators in the Marshall Islands

Steve and Shawn Clark and their children.