June 2009

Dear MV 300 Partners,

This is the first of a monthly letter you will receive to encourage you. Encourage means to inspire with courage, spirit, or confidence in the Lord.

My wife, Linda and I just returned from hosting a leadership conference in Zimbabwe with eleven different churches. On the last night, I was given a ONE HUNDRED TRILLION DOLLAR BILL. It is on my desk as I write. Do you want to know what it is worth? Not one penny.

After three decades of relentless oppression and inflation, the economy has collapsed. Before their money was devalued, a loaf of bread cost 800 million Zim dollars. Our brothers and sisters in the Lord are enduring the worst of hunger and suffering. The government hospitals, schools, roads, electricity, water, telecommunications, pension plans have all come to a halt. Add to this the recent cholera outbreak and the estimate of unemployment at 95%, and you understand the bleakness of their situation.

Are you encouraged yet?

It was very clear to Linda and me that as this nation collapses, the people’s faith and trust in God is the strongest I’ve ever seen.

Our brothers and sisters have lost everything in the natural, yet they have gained everything. One thing they have not lost is the freedom of worship. The church in Zimbabwe is strong, alive, and making a difference in so many lives. The result is a church that is rising up to meet needs outside the church. We met farmers giving away food, doctors helping with medical services, teachers starting private schools, moms coming together with clothing drives and taking in helpless children, and families adopting older folks who have lost their pensions.

Whatever you are going through today, realize that God is allowing you to go through the fire to refine your faith, to trust Him no matter how difficult the situation. Sacrifice is not loss in God’s eyes; it is great gain.

I pray today you are reminded life is not primarily about “…things that can be seen, but things that cannot be seen. For the things which are seen are temporary, but the things which are not seen are eternal” (2 Cor. 4:18).

May the Lord increase your trust and faith as you worship Him.

Be encouraged,

Glen Dubois

President, MVI