MV within the US

When we see the word missions, our thoughts turn to reaching out to the unreached and helping the poor in other countries. For over twenty years Missionary Ventures has been sending mission teams around the globe to build, to heal and to win souls for Christ – and we will continue to do that.

Yet, the United States, the richest and most powerful nation on the globe, has communities and individuals who are hurting and in dire need of help and salvation.

In a country where the number of millionaire households increased ten times between 1975 and 1997, there are people who suffer from abject poverty, racial discrimination, substance abuse and have yet to learn about the love of Jesus – even some of our own inner cities resemble the living conditions of third world countries!

You can make a difference through participating in short-term mission trips within the USA. Construction and ministry teams are desperately needed to help in the following environments:

  • Racially impoverished areas
  • Native American communities
  • Migrant worker camps
  • Blighted urban communities
  • Restorative ministries (i.e. half-way houses, prison outreaches, etc.)

There are several benefits to short-term mission team participation in the USA:

  • Reaching out to our own people
  • Less expense and inconvenience when compared with traveling abroad
  • A chance to taste missions that can extend to even greater mission experiences later
  • Better awareness of needs within our own communities

Check out our U.S. team trip opportunities on this website to learn more about how you and your team can make a great impact for the Lord right here in the USA!