“Let the Walls Fall Down” Renovation Project at Two Rivers Native American Training Center

Nancy and Val Delmar of Keller, TX, along with Gee Gee Erickson of Tampa, FL, led a 30 person short term team to renovate the auditorium for Morning Star Evangelistic Center, a predominately Native American church located 30 minutes south of Tulsa, OK. The church property also serves as home to Two Rivers Native American Center. “Two Rivers” trains Christians to evangelize Native Americans on reservations throughout North America.

Knowing that fewer than 5% of Native Americans are Christians, Missionary Ventures has been seeking ways to work with “Two Rivers” to reach unreached Native Americans.

When not doing construction work, team members spent time learning how to “tear down the walls” of mistrust, anger and resentment that have existed among whites and Native Americans. After two days of working side by side, sharing meals, laughing and playing together, team members began to find that we have more in common than we have differences----the number one commonality being a love for Jesus Christ, the ultimate “repairer of broken walls.” To view Gee Gee Erickson’s compelling prophecy concerning this project click here.

The team came away from “Two Rivers” with the knowledge that their experience will serve as a launch pad for MVI to minister and evangelize among Native Americans in the future. The team adopted the “Two Rivers” slogan:

“He lay ag go no; He lay ah fay neh”
(Always Go Forward; Never Look Back)

If you are interested in being a part of Missionary Ventures’ ministry among Native Americans, contact Bo Cooksey at 407-859-7322 or bcooksey@mvi.org.