“Your people will rebuild the ruins and will raise-up the age old foundations; you will be called repairers of broken walls, restorer of streets with dwellings.” Isaiah 58:12

This project has been named the “2 Rivers Renovation Project”. To better understand what I, the Lord, am doing in you and through you as you renovate your building, I desire you to understand the depth of the meaning of Words I have chosen. For truly the physical renovation, rebuilding, raising-up repairing and restoring that you and others will be doing is merely a picture of my plans to renovate the hearts of My people. Do not be satisfied with surface living: dig deep to discover My true work.

To renovate means to restore to life, vigor or activity: to revive or regenerate. The word I speak is a picture of renewal as when I prune away dead wood so new growth can take place. It’s a picture of invigoration as in an old field, where the farmer cultivates and fertilizes so the field will come to life and be revived. As you work together with My servants on this project, keep the vines of your heart pruned of the dead wood of preconceived ideas and old mind sets. Allow Me, the faithful farmer, to replace the old with the new. Keep the fields of your spirit soft and workable as I plow up the old weeds and cultivate the soil in the garden of your hearts to receive new seed. Allow the gentle rain of My presence to soak through and allow Me to feed you. New growth in every area of your lives is My desire.

In My Word to Isaiah I explained the fast I was looking for – the fast of a changed life, filled with compassion for your fellow man, meeting every need as you allow the Life of My Righteous One, Jesus, to flow out of your life in every way. The picture I paint is that you will be like a well watered garden in a sun-drenched land. That, as the well of living water flows out of you, you will rebuild ancient ruins. Now think of that: to rebuild means to make extensive repairs, to replace defective parts, to reconstruct or recreate or restore to a previous state or condition. What are the ancient ruins in your lives that need to be rebuilt? Ask of Me as you pray for this project and I will tell you. Many of your people live in ruin; many run after substances to meet their needs. Many live in sorrow or despair. Oh My people – let Me rebuild your lives: Behold, I make all things new. Trust only in Me.

As you live this consecrated, spirit-filled, poured-out life that pleases Me, you will be called to raise-up the age old foundations. Again, ask of Me: Father, what age old foundations are hidden, buried in the lives of our people? What do You desire to raise-up. I will answer you as you trust Me. To raise-up means to lift or restore to or set in an erect position. Think of all the age old values in your lives that you have let fall. My people, through My Righteous Son, you can raise these back up in your lives. To raise-up also means to rouse or incite to action or effort. Once again, think of those who, because of depression or despair or negative circumstances, have just quit trying – or have given up. Oh My people, raise them up! All the promises of God are yea and amen in Christ Jesus. Remind My people of who they are in Christ : They are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. They have been called since before time to be a praise unto Me. Rouse My people, saints of God. Again – raise-up means to rear or nurture, as a good parent fosters care for their children. Once more I say to you, raise-up the strong foundations of “fathering and mothering”. Nurture your children, discipline them, and raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Teach your people not to abandon their young, but to love them, to listen to them, to guide them, to stop them from being destructive to themselves and others. Learn of Me and reflect Me to your little ones.

As you live your lives fully unto Me, as you do the work of rebuilding and raising-up, people will see your good works and glorify your Father. They will call you as they see you : a repairer of broken walls. Your ancient brother Nehemiah is your example in this repair work which is ahead. Study his work in My Word and do as he did. To repair has two interesting meanings, both applicable to the broken walls surrounding your nations. The old meaning of repair is to go back to one’s own country, to return, to dwell, to take oneself, to go habitually to a specified place for a specified purpose. That is what you have been doing as you train young leaders in sound knowledge concerning the history and cultural identity of your nations. Continue, and as you continue, seek Me strongly, to remain pure in your teaching. Your young leaders must know their strong heritage, yet a greater inheritance lies ahead, found only in Me. Review My truth concerning My Righteous Son in Colossians 1.

The second meaning of repair is to restore by putting together what is torn or broken: to fix, mend, make good, to remedy, make up for or compensate for. As you work together – shoulder to shoulder with other saints – allow Me to repair your broken walls of trust. As you forgive each other, for Jesus’ sake, allow His precious blood to flow over the walls, broken by years of unfulfilled promises, by lies spoken in the past, by power hungry governments who were intent on taking for themselves what was yours. You can not forgive in your own strength: My Son paid it all for you. Trust Him as you release centuries of unforgiveness, hate and mistrust. Allow Him to heal and mend as He repairs the brokenness in your lives.

The final name by which you’ll be known is “restorers of streets with dwellings”. To restore speaks of giving back something lost or taken away: to make restitution, to bring back to a healthy state, to cause to recover. Streets with dwellings sounds like “somebody’s home!” As you reflect the Lord, your Redeemer, to all you come in contact with, people from all nations will be drawn to you (because of Him). Health will return, vigorous and strong. The little sanctuary we build won’t be large enough to hold the hungry, hurting people who desire the Lord’s freedom and His grace. So, enlarge your tents, make big your plans, and open your arms: God is calling His people unto Himself. And I have chosen you to be a tool in My hand, a partaker in My work, a part of the solution. Let’s build together.

I love you, Abba.

Written down this 24th day of August by Gee Gee Erickson, His servant.

I Thes. 5:19-21 says, “Do not put out the Spirit’s fire, do not treat prophesies with contempt. Test everything, hold onto the good.”

As you study this word to your body, test it with scripture, apply it to your circumstances and hold onto the good that stands true. I love you, too, Gee Gee.