Bible Training in Myanmar

In Myanmar we raised money to train 158 students in MVI’s Bible School there. Our program had students in training for 4 to 6 weeks at a time, and though we tried we could not afford to both train and feed the families of our students while they were in school. This forced many to stay home and care for their families causing our numbers to dwindle to less than a hundred. Mang, our director, and I were both seeking the Lord concerning the dilemma, and I calculated that we had just enough money to bring a new group of up to 100 students together for a full 4 months of intensive uninterrupted summer training that would take them through the whole program, while providing for their families. This would also allow us to invite students that had part of the training already completed to return for what they had missed. So Mang and his staff put the word out about the intensive summer program, and it did not take long to fill our quota with students hungry to learn the word of God even if it meant being cloistered together in 100+ degree heat for over 4 months. Everything was going great, the students were enjoying the study, other students were returning to complete parts that they had missed, and then it happened!

In an effort to slow the growth of Christianity the police came to our 8th floor location where classes were being held in secret. They arrested the young man who was teaching and ordered the students to go home. He was sentenced to one month in prison. Meanwhile we tried to get word to the students that we would continue our summer training in an old Methodist church. This in itself was a major obstacle as many do not have access to a phone. Yet nearly 70 of the summer students returned.

The scriptures teach us that God works ALL things together for good in the lives of His children. Our teacher’s testimony was that he counted it an honor that God would trust him with such an assignment. Inmates must sleep on a thin grass mat on the cement floor, and it is so crowded that they must sleep on their sides packed like sardines in a can. As the infirmary has no medicine, death from sickness is an everyday occurrence. However, by the time he was released he was affectionately known as “The Jesus Man” having personally shared the gospel with 137 inmates leading 100 former Buddhist to faith in Christ. What a testimony this was to the students! The graduation ceremony in Myanmar was a powerful time as we laid hands in prayer on each of the 136 graduates. I was deeply moved by their humility & love for God. Thank you for your prayers. Together We’re Making A Difference!