The month of July brought 3 wonderful teams to Nicaragua. The first team was from Gainesville, FL. It consisted of medical/dental team and also a construction group for the hospital. We were able to take the medical/dental group to some little villages in the mountains that don’t receive care. The dentists were able to relieve pain that people had had for many years.

I got to help with the dentists most of the time. What fun. Boy do they work hard! It was also great to work with doctors that I had worked with last year. They really out did themselves by seeing double the amount of people that they were going to see. While the clinics were going on the other part of the team was working on construction at the hospital.

The second team was a group of youth brought to Matagalpa by Dave Cabot. As most of you know I don’t do youth teams. Dave has such a way with them. I don’t have that much energy. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos. They worked with a Baptist youth group here in Matagalpa. They taught the Nicaraguan group different dramas and songs during the afternoon and then at night they visited a community and presented their program in the street.

One afternoon there was a baseball game with a Nica team against the gringos. In Nicaragua baseball is taken very seriously. They don’t understand having a game for fun. Also, they don’t have women playing with the guys. Heaven forbid!!! The youth group had several girls playing and they had a good time showing the Nica guys that they could hit, throw and run. Needless to say the Nica guys won but not by much. The Nica team got to see that they could play for fun.

The last team that arrived was hosted by Eric Loftsgard. They were from Lutheran churches in 3 different states. This team worked on construction of the hospital. They poured cement for the front porch and ramp and they also painted. This team also visited 3 different feeding centers to present the story of Jonah. The children loved the songs and story. They even got to make a craft to take home so that they will remember the story.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Missionary Ventures is getting a container ready to send. This container will be filled with medical equipment for the hospital. If you have any access to medical equipment please contact Missionary Ventures at the above address. We are in need of stretchers, wheelchairs, surgical instruments, operating table, anesthesia machine, plus lots of other things.

Click here to find out more about Brenda Rose and her work with the ReNutrition Center in Matagalpa, Nicaragua


  • For a face lift at the Renutrition Center. This is a gift from another organization that is known by Adrianna the Director of the center.
  • My father is out of the hospital after a severe bout of shingles.


  • For my parents as they move to another apartment while my father regains his strength.
  • For finances to go to the states in Nov. I have to go to both FL and PA so it will be a little costly
  • For wisdom in deciding if I should buy some property next to my house. The owners have put for sale property that is very near my house and I am thinking that I would like to buy part to prevent someone living right next to me.
  • For financial support for the hospital.