Pastor Conference in Nicaragua

   This past week, Damaris and I have been in Nicaragua, holding a conference for thirty pastors and their wives. The retreat was at the Hotel Ticomo in Managua, Nicaragua a hotel on a hillside with sprawling grounds, large, shady trees, and a nice breeze.

This three-day conference was a life-changing event for these dedicated men and women that came from remote areas of the country, most of which had never had a retreat like this, and many who never had had a retreat at all!

One pastor and his wife came from an island, and this was the first time in all her life that this forty-year-old woman had ventured off her island! Another pastor shared with me that this was the first time in his twenty-three years of marriage that he and his wife had been away from their children!

Damaris shared in word and song, and as always, was a tremendous inspiration to all.

We concluded the event with the Lord’s Supper, and there were many testimonies of renewed strength and vision for the pastors and their wives.

Serving the Communion, are Asdrubal and Marta Ibarra. Missionary Ventures has worked for many years with Asdrubal and Marta, sending teams to Nicaragua, building schools, feeding centers, helping pastors with motorcycles, doing medical outreaches, etc.

Damaris and I thank the Lord for these pastors conferences which are life-changing and life-challenging events!

David and Damaris Beam
Field Coordinators in Guatemala

Asdrubal and Marta Ibarra serving the pastors and their wives communion.

Some of the pastors from the conference with David Beam (Center in black shirt).

Damaris singing for the conference.