News in Nicaragua

This year I would really like to focus on teaching the local people about different health issues, personal growth issues, and spiritual growth issues. Many of the teams coming this year are providing seminars for women. Some are focusing on self-esteem issues and some on how to become good teachers to the children. Some of the medical teams will be giving health classes to those waiting to see the doctors.

Mayra has started the teaching year with a class on how to clean. We had 9 women attend a 1 day class on cleaning. Many of these women don’t know how to use a mop. They have mud floors. At the completion of the class they each received a certificate of attendance. The thought of this class was to provide work for some of the local women. We can’t employ them full time but when teams are using the hospital we are planning on hiring a couple to clean. Others can use the certificate as a job reference.

Hospital & trailer update

As a result of some fine work by our lawyer Alejandro we don’t have to have 2 more inspections. Thank God for this wonderful man.

Equipment for the hospital is getting ready to load in the container. The great thing is that the medical/dental trailer is ready to come. We are waiting for a piece for the attachment that is to come this month. It should be here the first part of May. Just in time for my birthday. What a present!

Child psychologist

The Renutrition Center has added a new employee. Her name is Noris Alanis and she has accepted the position of Child Psychologist. Several years ago she was employed by the center to be a nanny. Through this work she was able to put herself through collage and is now a psychologist. This new position is such a needed addition to the Center. So many children arrive at the center with so many emotional problems: abuse both physically and emotional, they have been abandoned, and some have been sexually abused.

Noris has been working with the children 4 hours a day. She has been playing games with the children and she has them coloring pictures. She is also working with them to help them to identify their problems. The children love to see her coming and call out her name when they see her.

Exceptional students

Jamie and Ellis have been studying hard for the past 2 years. Both boys were admitted into the center for malnutrition. Both boys have had difficult lives. Jamie lives 2 hours from the center. He was found in his community very skinny, sad and with a horrid cough. He lived with his mother and siblings. He found his father dead a year before and had never gotten over it. At the Renutrition Center he was treated for his lung infection, he received nourishing food and started school for the first time. This year he has returned for classes. Next year he will be attending school where he lives.
Ellis is from a large family. His mother died when he was small. His father is an older man and is alcoholic. Ellis was admitted into the center several years ago very malnourished. He kept to his self and didn’t play with others. Now he is attending school and making great grades. He loves to play games and is learning how to play basket ball.

Brenda Rose
Field Coordinator in Nicaragua

Mayra in the center of the group of women who took the cleaning course.

Noris Alanis with some of the children from the RNC.

Jamie and Ellis