Nicaragua - the very name means "Strong Water". It's known as the country of lakes and volcanoes. Yet many people do without water every day.

We live in the department (what you would call a state or province) of Chinandega, mostly an agricultural area. There not many small farmers, and of them most depend on the rain for watering their crops. Most of the farming is done my wealther families or external businesses, and they have developed watering systems to produce better crops.

Working along side of the pastors and people in Chinandega, we've come to see lots of needs. Nicaragua's poverty is profound. The Sandinista/Communist era left the country with little resources or education. There are many communities just in our neck of the woods that don't have regular water, much less work or food.

Water. Our bodies are made up of about 95% water. Because of culture issues and the lack of education, many Nicaraguans don't drink enough water. Many a medical team has been to Nicaragua and have seen the results - urinary infections, kidney stones, skin infections, malnutrition, and more.

We've identified a few communties that need water. We've also done the research in-country to find organizations that their purpose is to provide water. We've found many, but unfortunately we haven't found any that will drill for less than USD $25/ft. There is a Rotary club in Tulsa, OK that comes out to Nicaragua once a year to drill. They were just here in Febrary. They raise their own funds for materials and come down to drill wherever the need is. The only problem is that the need is so great that they can barely put a dent into it. The equipment that they have is enormous and very technical, so it's not feasible yet for Nicaraguans to operate the equipment without the team in-country.

So, we're starting a well program for Nicaragua. We've identified a small well drilling rig that is very transportable. Since we're in country, we'll be able to drill for water as long as we have the funds for the casing, pumps, etc. Plus, the rig is small enough that we can train Nicaraguans quickly to work it. It'll drill up to 200ft, which is more than enough in the lower departments, such as Managua, Chinandega, Leon, Rivas and we'll be able to use it in some areas in the upper departments such as Matagalpa.

We're praying to be able to purchase and deliver two rigs to Nicaragua. It'll cost approximately USD $25,000 for each rig and it'll cost about USD $300-$500 to drill each well. We've already have done projects with Enecal, the water department here in Nicaragua, and we'll have the agreements in place to make sure each well is operated and maintained so that problems don't occur in the future. Even the communities will be able to help, as some of the needs require a network of tubes to deliver the water to the familes and we'll be needing to dig trenches. At this time we've raised so far 25% of what we need to purchase the two rigs.

For more information about the well drilling equipment, please check out this website. To see more about what the Cabots are doing in Nicaragua, such as the Youth Academy, please see our website. Thanks for those prayers, and may the Lord bless all that you do!

Dave and Liz Cabot
Field Coordinators in Nicaragua