This year’s theme for the women’s conference was “Becoming a Woman of Prayer”.  Every session saw women hungering to draw closer to God.  Our sisters from Missions Church of Orlando served our Lord well here in Tarapoto.  Every message was an extension of the message of the previous speaker.  We were amazed at how our Holy Spirit orchestrated every step.  Friday afternoon after Rose Keefe shared, we were to have a time of intercession putting into practice what we had been learning.  Our Lord impressed upon Karen to have the women encircle the church and begin to cry out to the Lord. What anointing flowed from those prayers.  Our Lord then had us bring up the children that were with their mothers and have their mothers lay hands on their children praying blessings over them.  Wow!

Saturday morning’s speaker never gave us a title so the agenda showed “Untitled”.  Well we soon found out why there was no subject for that morning.  During Worship the power of the Holy Spirit fell and for three hours 100 women prayed in the spirit, crying out for their nation, their families, their pastors.  There is no describing the anointing we were under.  This was the first time many of these women prayed so freely where you are 100 % led by the Holy Spirit.  Many strongholds were broken that morning. This conference also saw the women of Tarapoto and Karen drawing closer together as so many came to her side to assist in bringing this conference to pass.  Our special thanks and gratitude to Pastors Lissa Bush, Helen Marshall and Rose Keefe for their dedication and labor for our Lord and the women of Tarapoto and a very special thank you to our Saturday evening guest speaker Pastor David Bush!

Angel & Karen Oyola
Field Coordinators in Peru