An Update from the Suchers in the Philippines (August 2004)

It’s good to be back home in Cebu !!! Since arriving we have been very busy doing the Lord's work, getting our family readjusted, finding a home, and expanding the ministry as we partner with church planters to help further the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

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Rick and Barb Sucher and family

Short-Term Missions

We have hosted two teams since arriving and it has been awesome! Each was very different in personality and scope of ministry, but all key to helping further the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We have held several children's outreaches, helped build the ministry center in Cubacub, painted the center, built tables and Black boards for the preschool, held several crusades, trained youth in evangelistic dramas, passed out thousands of gospel tracks and seen hundreds of people give their hearts to Jesus Christ!!! To God be the glory! One of the crusades produced three Bible studies and several new believers that were added to our ISOM outreach partnership. Each team was a blessing to the ministry and a blessing to our family. We really enjoyed the love that we shared and the refreshing that it gave us as we worked to together, laughed together, and even cried tears of joy together. Many lives will never be the same because of the impact they made. To the pastors and congregations of Calvary Chapel Worship Center and University Carillon Untied Methodist Church, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Cubacub Children's Ministry and Our New Ministry Center

We hosted a team just three weeks after we came back to Cebu. Thanks to the generosity of the church and the help of the team we were able to build a church/ ministry center. Since it’s construction our children’s ministry has grown to over 100 children every Sunday, plus we were able to start an afternoon church service that is averaging 40 people in attendance, and lastly we have helped start a preschool that ministers to children throughout the week. God has been so good!

We are excited t that Pastor William was able to get a fulltime worker who just graduated from Bible school and now is doing all follow-up in the area and overseeing the Bible studies. Each month we hold a movie showing for the kids and many of their parents and others attend.

ISOM (International School of Ministry)

We have just established a satellite ISOM office with a partnership with Living Springs International. They are a ministry that has trained over 500 pastors in the "World Perspectives" course that is offered in many Bible schools in the U.S. We are expecting great things to happen as this partnership develops more. As of today we have 16 active Bible schools we are helping to facilitate with now over 300 students being raised up for the Lord Jesus Christ. We have seen several called into fulltime ministry as pastors and some into cross cultural mission work to other countries. One of the ISOM Bible school coordinators at a partnering church has just left to start a ministry in southern Mindanao specifically to Muslims. He will be using ISOM to help in the discipleship of the new believers.

Another great partnership that has developed is with a ministry under Pastor Harvin Alloro who has a heart for church planting. He has already planted 5 churches here in Cebu and has several outreaches ongoing with the vision to start a church in each of these locations. We are working together hand and hand with him holding evangelistic crusades to help add new believers to these on going works. Our vision is to work with ISOM schools and pastors with the vision to birth churches each year. To God be all the Glory!

The Rock (Young Adults 20+)

About 9 weeks ago Rick took back over THE ROCK. Before leaving we were averaging about 50-70 in attendance and seeing many people saved and recommitted to the Lord. When we came back the attendance and most everything had changed from what it was, but God had a faithful 12 who were committed and sold out for the Lord. We started from scratch and revamped things believing that God would begin a new and good thing. God started bringing people in from the North, the South, the East and the West. We started seeing the excitement growing and people getting saved again. Some nights we would see 10 to 15 visitors. After the second week we had grown to thirty people meeting at my house every Wednesday. When we hit 40 we started looking for a new venue and found a Karaoke Bar available. I know that sounds funny but the very first time I came there God’s peace was all over it. It took 6 weeks of praying through approval from the church board, hotel management etc. but in the end we moved in. Covering up the alcohol, having serious prayer times, spraying things down with Lysol, pumping in Christian music as we set up using their full and complete sound system and preaching God’s word. Our first night we had 42 people attend with 5 visitors but the most awesome thing was the presence of the Lord. It was so awesome. He entered in and ministered to people in a mighty way. The praise and worship was great and the Lord gave me a good message. Everything flowed and my whole leadership felt God’s favor. When we gave the altar call we had 4 receive Christ (4 out of the 5 visitors that came!!) as their savor and more than 10 responded to the message. This past Wednesday we saw over 60 show up, twelve visitors and we had 6 pray and ask Christ in their lives. God is so good!

Thank You

Thank you so much for your prayers. We truly believe that the breakthroughs we have been seeing are a result of the many prayer warriors that are interceding for us. We also want to thank you for your generosity in giving to the work in Cebu. The poor are being feed, people are being saved, lives are being transformed, leaders are being raised up and churches are being planted!! God bless you for all your sacrifice to partner in this work!

Rick Sucher