A Rescue in the Philippines

One of the most fulfilling things in the world is knowing deep in your heart that you’ve impacted the life of a child. Every day we are given opportunities to touch lives, but only once in a while do we deal in the “life or death” realm. Recently we had such an opportunity to step in and help- to be hands and feet- extensions of God’s love reaching out to a desperate child in a desperate situation. Baby Danna was only 5 months old when her mother called my house one day nearly in a panic. “Sister Barb” she said “Could you please come to our house to pray for Danna? She has been coughing for several days and she just can’t stop! Please come to pray!” As I made my way down the dirt path to their home I was already praying intensely for this precious baby girl, but when I arrived at their home I realized how truly serious she was. I scooped Danna’s droopy little frame up into my arms, and feeling the heat of her fever, I raised her chest to my ear to listen. “Ybonie, we will pray and believe God for her healing, but we’ve got to get her to the hospital” I said. We rushed her to the E.R. where it was confirmed she had pneumonia in both lungs. We fervently prayed and watched as she struggled with her breathing. Her parents, Romeo & Ybonie, are very strong Christians, but they were understandably shaken by the critical situation of their daughter, as well as the looming thoughts of medical bills piling up each day the baby stayed hospitalized. Since we knew of their financial situation we asked the Lord to send help. Through our Missionary Ventures friends and partners we were able to extend the love of Christ in a tangible way and provide not only for her hospital bills, but also her medicines and a portable nebulizer for her on-going care. GOD IS SO GOOD!!! We even had enough to get her immunizations to help keep her healthy in the future!

This family is so touched and so very grateful for the help that our MV partners extended to them in their time of need! They pray blessings over each of you and say “Daghang Salamat!” which means THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Baby Danna is doing so much better, and this family will forever be encouraged by the way God answered their prayers!

One side blessing in this story is that during the week Baby Danna was hospitalized, her parents and I had great opportunities to share our faith and pray for other families with children in that hospital. Later, when we had an MV Medical missions team, we went back to that childrens’ ward and distributed stuffed toys, Cebuano Bible booklets, and prayed for the children and their families. Together, we ARE carrying the Word to the world through personal involvement, touching childrens’ lives with the powerful love of Jesus!

Rick and Barb Sucher
Field Coordinators in the Philippines

Danna on her nebulizer

Romeo, Ybonie and family with Barb Sucher.