Pinky's Kitchen
Cordoba, Argentina

Robert and Pinky Brossa from Ministerios Verbo church in Cordoba, Argentina, run a soup-kitchen feeding center out of their home. Duing the winter it has been very cold and only tarps have kept out some of the rain. Missionary Ventures first sent funds and then a team.

Our Pinky's Kitchen team from the states was just awesome. They came as such servants and never once complained. What a miracle!

They were Melinda (team leader), Jim (60), Eric (26), Roxanne (from Pittsburg), Helen (from Nigeria and living in Florida), and young Amy.

The team was able to plaster a lot of walls in the feeding center and the fellows all but finished the kitchen, doing the roof and walls and painting all the kitchen cabinets.

They arrived on a Saturday and left the next Saturday and in that time they ministered in six different setting besides working hard at construction. At the end Helen said, "My life is totally changed. I will never be the same." Eric said he was most touched by Pinky's "tears of joy," seeing the kitchen coming together. Amy loved the kids' crusades we conducted and becoming a part of Robert and Pinky's family. At one of the services where we ministered a young man came up to Jim and gave him his favorite tie. Jim just wept! Roxanne was blessed to learn how she and others on the team were such an answer to prayer for Pinky and

Robert. And our team leader, Melinda, was excited about the teenagers who received a soccer ball as a gift and showed such openness to the gospel.

Let me tell you about two specific miracles from the team visit. On Thursday afternoon I went to the fruit and veggie market with Pinky and the ladies on the team. For the first time, I met the owner of the place where I buy most of our stuff. When I went to load the goods, there was one extra box of peaches. I went back to report it and was told that the owner wanted to give it to the feeding center. He also said he wants to colaborate with us. Wow.

After that, the ladies took Pinky out to get her a new pair of shoes. The owner of the store, once he learned what this pile of foreigners was doing in his little town, said that he wants to give a bunch of shoes "only slightly damaged" in a fire from last year to the kids of the feeding center. That news just made all of us rejoice at God's provision and timing.

So, you can see, it was a very rich experience for all the team and for all of the Bendele family.

Please pray with us for additional funding so that the team slated to come in March from Australia can finish the job.