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Resolution of the MVI Board of Directors


One of the MVI board members shared recently how after nearly 20 years his business was near failure at the end of 2002 because of the events of 9/11. At the beginning of 2003 he and his partner laid out specific prayer requests before the Lord that they and their wives agreed to pray diligently until the Lord intervened. Beginning about two months later one contract after another was added throughout 2003 such that in early 2004 the financial stability of their business had risen to a level that they had never experienced before.

The ministries of MVI are not in trouble, however like all ministries we have our share of challenges in many areas and on a daily basis. Knowing that the Lord moves dramatically when his children come together with unified hearts and in fervent intercession, the MVI Board of Directors passed a resolution on April 12, 2004 asking that all MVI offices, field coordinators, supporters and friends of MVI join with us in prayer over the next twelve months using the prayer requests below as a framework for your intercession.

Prayer Requests:

  1. That the Lord would establish new relationships between MVI personnel and strategic indigenous pastors and leaders in the various countries in which we work that will elevate the fruitfulness of our partnered ministries to levels beyond all of our expectations.
  2. That the Lord would raise up new ministry and financial partners around the world to advance existing MVI ministries and to enable us to pursue new unmet ministry opportunities.
  3. That the Lord would give MVI personnel in the various countries in which they serve supernatural favor with local business leaders, local and national government leaders, and other Christian and religious organizations so that the expansion of their ministry efforts will be essentially unhindered.
  4. That the Lord would raise up new MVI personnel who are committed to serve in strategic locations and in new nations around the world in which there is now no permanent MVI presence.