Dear Missionary Ventures Family,

“Forget the former things and do not dwell on the past, See I am doing a new thing now it springs up do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43: 18-19

God is indeed doing a new thing among us. It was so encouraging to have the family of MV around the world fasting and praying on Monday, April 6th. The presence of the Lord was among us and His love overwhelmed us at our headquarters. We are making prayer a priority within the mission and I want to encourage you to take time to seek the Lord with all your heart. The first Monday of every month will continue to be a day of prayer and fasting around the world.

Our new website will be rolling out in May. Melanie Duford will be contacting you. Please make sure to send her all the information that is requested. I realize we need to communicate more. Our website will be one of the areas where we will be able to communicate within the MV family and with our donors.

I was overwhelmed by the large response from the field who joined the mv300. The field is the heart of our ministry. I realize the offices, our donors, and the field work together; yet the field is where we see lives changed and brought into a living relationship with God. Never underestimate the role you play in Missionary Ventures. This is a strategic time in our ministry. All of us need to take courage and be strong and realize only our faith in Christ will sustain us. I want to encourage you today to keep your eyes on Jesus, hold on to the promises in His word enter into His presence every day.

Our prayer is for continued healing and restoration within the MV family and for increase in our faith and knowledge of Christ. For increase in our ministries as we reach the nations that God has called us to.

I believe with all my heart that God is doing something new in and among us. I want to encourage you to embrace what God wants to do. Possibly we will have to surrender our uncertainties, our fears, or just change in general whatever it is in our hearts. We have to deal honestly and prayerfully to allow God to open a new door to produce more fruit in our lives. Let’s not get caught up in the activities of ministry and living life that we just get so busy that we forget God wants to see change and growth in us. Jesus wants to work with us. Our lives and ministry is to be a partnership with Jesus.

We are so proud of each one of you and count it an honor to be part of this incredible ministry.

God is in control,

Glen and Linda Dubois

P.S. Keep us in your prayers. Linda and I will be in Africa until May 6th.

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