Dear Missionary Ventures Family,

Linda and I just returned from a restful break. I would encourage you to set aside time to focus on the Lord, yourself, your marriage and children.  Our time away was not all spiritual. We fished, read, took long walks and just enjoyed each other’s company.  Yet during these times we had some very God moments. The  Lord encouraged us that in ministry the best tools we have to bear fruit and advance God’s kingdom  is ourself with  God’s Spirit working within us.  Be reminded today we have God’s presence within us, and nothing is impossible for our God.  We are His instruments planning and  working the harvest fields on His behalf  with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our new website will be open to our partners  at the end of this month.  We will have blogs, updated news from the field, videos,  and even a forum to ask questions. We looked at it today, and are very excited about the potential to reach more for the Kingdom.  We will email the link to the field before it goes public.

Involve,  MV’s newsletter, will be in homes on August 1. The theme for this quarter is “Reaching Non-Literate Peoples with the  Gospel.”   Each issue we will be listing five projects and five team trips.    We will also update our partners on the projects from past Involve newseltters.  From last quarter, we were able to fully fund  one project and partially fund two. 

Our next field coordinator orientation is September 21 to October 2. We will have eight potential new field coordinators attending. We will also host a team leader training Friday, September 25 and Saturday, September 26. Please pray for our new family members, team leaders attending the training and the speakers coming in to teach.

God has called us to conform to His Son and to encourage others to follow Christ.  No matter where we are serving, we all have a great responsibility to lead by example.  It must start with us.  Missionary Ventures’ vision is to identify, equip and empower indigenous Christian leadership to reach the World for Jesus Christ.  If we are to lead others to be transformed into the image of Christ, this process has to begin in our own hearts.

It really is all about eternity.  The Holy Spirit has the power to change people’s hearts and we are invited to participate.  How’s your heart today? Take a moment and let His grace fill you. Reflect on God’s purity, love, and faithfulness towards you.

You are loved and called and ordained by God. Be strong and of good courage HE is in control.

WE love you.