Pastor Sergei & Bella, Raisa & Pastor Teimuraz, and 2 brothers from the churches - all of them holding the photo of the children who were killed in the attack.


Russian children fleeing naked from their school, soldiers crouching poised to shoot, masked terrorists, explosions, smoke, and blood-stained walls are recent images we witnessed with horror on our televisions.

This week Luther and Sandy Meier, directors of MVEurope, received a prayer request from one of the leading bishops of the fastest growing Pentecostal denominations in Russia and with whom they've worked closely for 15 years. Pator Nikolai's letter moved them deeply and felt the contents should be shared with concerned Christians worldwide. You can pray and give financially to these two families who have suffered such great loss. This appeal is URGENT as the Meiers will be travelling to Russia in less than two weeks and will hand over funds personally.

Beslan Russia Hostage Tragedy

(Letter received from Pastor Nikolai on 7 September 2004)

Dear friends,

As you know Russia has a mourning for 350 people, (156 of them are children), who were killed by terrorists in Beslan city. We know that the pastor Teimuraz Toliev (from Beslan city) lost his 5 children. One of his children did survive; however, he was injured and lost both of his eyes in the attack. Pastor Toliev's brother (Sergei) lost 3 babies. We grieve with all people who has so big sorrow in their life and our hearts and our prayers are with sufferers. Please, join us in the prayer for peace from God to these people. We continue to trust Jesus. He is our hope and a perfect peace.

Thank you for your love to Russian people. May God bless you, dear brothers & sisters.

Pastor Nikolai Zalutsky
Emmanuel Church, Pskov, Russia