Team from Valrico, FL after their training session.

Why do so few Christians share their faith?

In a world that seems so helplessly lost, Richard Fernbach, Founder and President of Orlando based Heartcall Ministries, Inc. has a simple, ready answer for the question, "Why do so few Christians share their faith?" His quick answer is "because they don't know how!"

Richard has trained thousands of Christians to boldly share the Gospel and experience the incredible joy of seeing friends, neighbors, loved ones and strangers come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Richard passionately claims that his evangelism training is uniquely effective because it is biblical, simple, practical, proven, effective, cross-cultural and life-changing.

Missionary Ventures WITHIN THE US and Heartcall Ministries recently co-sponsored training a short-term missions team from Valrico, FL. Using his text, "The Road to Salvation," Richard taught the team the basic concepts of evangelism. After lunch the team got into vans and went to some adjacent apartment projects to try out their newly acquired knowledge. And they did an awesome job. The nine person team talked with twenty-four people, shared salvation with five and three accepted Christ as Savior - all within one and a half hours.

If you are interested in knowing more about how your church or youth group can easily learn how to "make an eternal impact for the Kingdom of God by fulfilling the Great Commission" right here in the US, contact Bo Cooksey.