You have just been involved in "Carrying the WORD to the world through personal involvement". Where do you go from here?

We encourage you to spend some time in serious prayer asking God how you can grow from this experience. Talk to your friends, family or an elder in your church about the things that God has done in your heart. Your zeal for missions will affect others.

There will be times when you are reminded of your trip. It is in those times you wish that there was more you could do. The needs of the people you went to help are still great. The good news is that there is more that you can do!

Missionary Ventures was created as a servant organization to encourage, facilitate and enable your participation in serving indigenous missions. Below there are outlines many ways that we can help you stay invloved. There is no limit to what God can do through you if you are willing.

As you take a moment to evaluate your trip, read over the areas of further involvement and please complete the evaluation form so we can better serve you.


PRAYER PARTNER: Commited to pray for Missionary Ventures and our Field Coordinators. These people are on our mailing list to receive a prayer card reminder once every two months.

CHURCH/GROUP COORDINATOR: The organization's representative who will facilitate the church/group mission service activities and will interface with the MV Area Representative.

AREA REPRESENTATIVE: Volunteers working part-time or full-time with MV. They function as a "bridge" between Missionary Ventures and a designated area of the USA, Canada, Europe or Australia. They promote missionary involvement and encourage mission trips from churches in their area.

SHORT-TERM TEAM TRIPS: The team is comprised of a group of individuals who are sent on one or two week missions to assist foreign missionaries in spreading the love of Jesus to the hurting world. Various types of teams include general ministry, youth, construction, medical/dental and surgical teams.

TEAM LEADER: A team leader is a person who has a desire to lead a short-term mission team made up of people from their church or organization. The leader works very closely with Missionary Ventures' Team Trip Coordinator in planning and preparing all the details of this important time in a foreign country. A leader's manual is available to guide the leader through leading a team.

FIELD COORDINATOR: The Field Coordinator functions as a "bridge" between North American involvement and the indigenous Christian leadership of the foreign country and generally resides in that country. They coordinate the activity of Missionary Ventures abroad.

RESOURCE AMBASSADOR: An ongoing provider of materials useful for the mission. Materials needed generally include medicine and medical supplies.

SPECIFIC PROJECTS AND NEEDS LIST: Most all of the time there are specific projects going on for which MV needs either funding or specific items. Please call the MV office for more information about what in particular is needed at that time.

CHILD SPONSORSHIP: The sponsorship of children enables Missionary Ventures to fund the establishment of ministries to impoverished, starving, ill or orphaned children. Examples of the different ministries are: Christian schools, Feeding Centers and Malnutrition Recovery Centers.

FEEDING CENTER SPONSORSHIP: Feeding Centers are established in local churches. These feeding programs feed children a hot, nutritious meal anywhere from one to five times a week. The cost is

PASTOR SPONSORSHIP: The sponsorship of an indigenous pastor liberates him so that he can preach the Gospel, evangelize his community and start and develop a church. This sponsorship is $40 per month.

AMBASSADOR: Men and women dedicated to serving God in missions alongside the Missionary Ventures' team. This includes a commitment of $100 or more per month. This financial support enables a strong base.