Motorcycles and Bicycles reach many for Christ

Christian Motorcyclist’s Association in partnership with Missionary Ventures International have done it again in Uganda.

In October 2004, over fifteen rural pastors were given the chance to visit their people more regularly and take the gospel more widely with the aid of a Jupiter Bicycle. They arrived at a one-day conference somewhat despondent and left with a spring in their step – the Word of God encouraging their souls and putting toes to their new pedals.

Pastor Timothy was also blessed to receive a motorcycle to help him coordinate the evangelism and Church Planting for this same network of pastors under the ministry named All Nations Christian World Outreach.

Leader and founder of Global Discipleship Ministries, Elijah Sebuchu was so delighted that he would like his other 43 pastors to enjoy the same blessing –faith in Africa knows no bounds.

Holy Spirit Fire Church in Mbarara Town are very happy with their gift and it is “doing a good work for the Kingdom” says church planter, Pastor Willy Tumwine.

An indigenous trainer of Christian leaders, Michael Ejok Edeke, working with Veritas College, equipping people with the skills to rightly interpret the Word of God says, “this Bike will greatly benefit the work of our ministry.”

The ministry of Sports Outreach was considerably enhanced, as explained in the words of a field worker, Aloysius Kyazze: "…it is going to greatly improve my work of evangelism and discipleship. The community where I work is known as a war zone (Gulu) and all along it has been difficult for me to hire motorbikes and move inside the internally displaced people's camps, then return to town where it’s safe during evening. This time the good Lord has, through you His servants, supplied the necessary means of transport to move these distances with less problems. This means He is in this cause. I trust many lives of traumatized children will be touched through this ministry and the healing process will be started with help of introducing Christ and the gospel."

Nigel Harding
Field Coordinator in Uganda

Jinja pastors returned to their villages very happy.

Elated Pastor Elijah

Prayer of dedication for pastor Timothy with other pastors and Nigel Harding.

Sports Outreach Ministry celebrate.