One of the best investments we can make in missions is to support an indigenous Christian pastor by assisting him to reach out to his own hurting people. This is accomplished by…

  • Identifying for sponsorship indigenous pastors and leaders that God has called. This is done through MVI's Field Coordinators living with and observing the fruit of the pastors' work.
  • Financially supporting an indigenous Christian leader for one year. In most cases, a church will be established within a year or two that will fully support their pastor.
  • The need for support will be evaluated yearly. If the pastor's church is unable to provide support for him and his family, then the goal will be to help the pastor set up a small business or microenterprise to generate an income that will support his family.

These pastors will be from countries all around the world. You will see the many ways your money has enabled these pastors to harvest the field God has given them. We encourage you to plan a trip to meet some of these indigenous pastors and their congregations. You will be greatly blesses and see firsthand what a difference your prayers and financial assistance are making.