Volunteers’ talents, skills and gifts greatly augment Missionary Ventures’ efforts to encourage and support indigenous missions around the world.. Volunteers help stretch scarce resources needed to serve and support the indigenous church. Find out how you can be a vital part of helping MV reach the un-reached for Christ through volunteering.




“The life I envisioned when I retired changed with the death of my husband.  The last two years have been a time of looking back, and at the same time, there has been a strong desire to move forward yet not knowing what God wanted me to do.  A couple of months ago, as I was reading one of Missionary Ventures’ devotional books, the Lord spoke to my heart about calling MV to see if they could use my volunteer help.  Now I volunteer 2-3 days per week, and my life has been blessed by the friendships of the MV staff and enormous joy I receive by being productive using my skill and abilities at MV.  If you have gifts and talents that are going dormant, if you want to feel useful, if you want to be a blessing by helping others, then perhaps MV can use you.”  LOUISE WOODS

Volunteer Benefits

  • Use Skills and experience to help reach the un-reached for Christ

  • Friendly and fun loving new Christian friends and colleagues

  • Comfortable, state of the art work environment in MV’s new headquarters building


To learn more about how you can help MV reach the un-reached for Christ through volunteering contact:


Bo Cooksey, Resources Director