An Update from the Potters in Zimbabwe (August 2004)

Much thanks for all the prayer encouragement and financial support given to the Potter family as they pursue their vision for Southern Africa! The last few months have been anything but boring! We have been busy doing missions and planning further missions. The potential for winning souls and training future leaders is nothing short of awesome. We are indeed privileged to be entrusted with such a wonderful vision.

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John and Cathy Potter

Mission to Masvingo

Last month we were privileged to have Steve Beam ( President of Missionary Ventures ) and John Ogden ( President of Christian motorcycle Association of America ) with us for a pastors conference in Masvingo ( Formerly Fort Victoria ) The meetings were well attended and wonderfully blessed by the Lord !! The pastors have asked that Steve and John return next year for another conference. Whilst they were with us we had the pleasure of donating two motorcycles to two of our local pastors.

Mission to South Africa

God has worked so mightily !! It really is so wonderful to be directed by the Holy Spirit !! In May we were supposed to have been up in northern Zambia but instead the Lord led us to South Africa for our first mission. WOW were we on target with the Lord !! We picked the team up from Johannesburg and travelled to a small town in the eastern Transvaal called Tzaneen where we met with Pastor David Lebea and his wife Olga. We were totally blessed and impressed with their work. They have planted and physically built 8 churches and are at present wanting to build a mission training school. A vision that I know God wants us to get involved in. We then travelled to the Kruger National Park where we spent a few nights and saw 4 of the BIG FIVE !! The last night we ministered in one of the camps where we met Ezrom one of the camp managers who has asked us to assist them in their vision of planting a church in each of the 7 camps that he is responsible for. It seems that South Africa has truly opened up for us !!

Mission team to South Africa

Missionaries Arriving from Everywhere

The first and most important missionary to arrive is Elizabeth Ratliff who arrived 2 weeks ago and will be our office administrator. Elizabeth is settling in very well but is making the big adjustment of living in the third world ( Things in Africa move very slowly ) We also have Ron & Donna Waters with us for 3 months. They will be assisting pastors in the rural areas and will be involved in a number of outreaches.  Cathy and I have always known that Harare would be a wonderful place to launch missions into southern Africa. We have missionaries non stop staying with us until November. The need for a mission house is growing daily. Please pray that God will meet that need.

Elizabeth Ratliff

Family News

In spite of the difficult social economic conditions of the country the children are doing well !! Michelle has a great social life and has become increasingly involved with her local church. Her spiritual growth has been such a great blessing to Cathy and I. Katie is doing well in her schooling and is also involved in her local youth group. She does however need more friends. Please pray for her !! Justine will be returning from university in South Africa on the 23rd of this month. She will be arriving with a young man called Clayton for us to meet.We pray that this will be a very special time for the whole family. Everyone is excited about the prospects of the family being together for a few weeks.

Michelle, Katie and Justine

Prayer Needs

  • For a work visa for the family
  • For wisdom and direction as we plan further missions into the region
  • For safety especially on the roads as we travel such large distances
  • For the right people to help us with the vision
  • For continual financial support.The cost of living is so high !!